Great care and effort has been taken to present the garments in our website tomatch their Original color and grandeur. Since our pictures are of Very High Quality it may take some time to download. Please be patient and allow the pictures to get completely downloaded before you can view or order it. We always try to minimize color variations between the actual product and that displayed on the screen. However, the colors of the garments shown on the web catalogue may vary slightly from the original product due to various reasons like,

  •          Variations in monitor resolution levels
  •          Having a poor VGA card(Display Card)
  •          Having the minimum color setting in your Monitor Display Properties
  •          Setting the Brightness and Contrast levels of your monitor to low or high values

The following setting will help you view the garments presented in our website closest to their original colors.

Color Settings

  •          Set the Screen Resolution to 1024*768 pixels minimum
  •          Make your Monitor support more than 256 colors, by changing the Display settings
  •          Set your Monitor Brightness value to 75% of Maximum value
  •          Similarly set your Monitor Contrast value to 85% of Maximum value


All Garments are prechecked for any manufacturing defects and/or damages before being dispatched the stores or to retail clients. 

Clear washing instructions are mentioned on each item and they need to be followed to gain the best of results from the product/garment. Silk, linens and special fabrics need special care and dry cleaning is important for them. 

Avoid drying directly under the sunlight and dry in shade. Avoid tumble wash and machine wash for the garments to last longer.

Do not wring T’shirts and do not hang dry. Wash all denims separately.

Printed t’shirts needed to be ironed upside down. For other ironing instructions, please follow the Iron manufacturer’s manual.

If you have any further clarifications, mail us at

Go ahead and have a great time shopping at XMEX CLOTHING PVT. LTD.